How It All Began

On Call Staffing was founded by Mark R Grayson a local Scottsdale contractor, who was unable to get good temporary workers when needed to complete a project. In fact Mr. Grayson often found workers he ordered sleeping on the job sites and came ill prepared to work. The companies he would order from typically had very poor customer service and never billed correctly.

Mark quickly saw a need for a company that took care of the workers as well as the customers. His belief is that simply paying minimum wage would not provide companies with the type of workers needed.

Mark originally invested in labor companies franchise all over the United States. After several years he came to the conclusion that his original beliefs were not being met with such a large franchise group. 

In 2005 he sold his interest in the franchise company and the operations he had in multiple states to open and focus in the Phoenix & Flagstaff markets where he could concentrate his effort in treating his workers as well as the companies he services. He is of the understanding that not all will go perfectly but it’s all in the way it’s handled that makes the difference.

We all at OnCall Staffing believe a worker who is treated with respect and kindness, will treat our customers with the utmost respect and do their very best to get the job done. 


Mark R Grayson

Managing Member