We Are The Bridge The Connects You To Employment.

Our Mission

OnCall Staffing is committed to both our clients and employees that we will find a solution to their need for staffing/work. An employee who is treated with respect and kindness will treat our customers with the utmost respect and do their very best to get the job done. We guarantee their satisfaction and if we can’t provide a positive solution to their challenges, we will not enter into the relationship.

Does this mean we turn down business opportunities? Yes. Nearly one quarter of the opportunities in the market are not a good fit for our organization and we would not be successful in that relationship. We feel it is better to communicate that early on and help that prospect find another staffing organization that more closely meets their requirements.

OnCall Staffing met or exceeded our expectations for the availability of personnel and the quality of their craftsmanship. Everyone at our company not only accepted your people’s performance, we relied on it.
— RMJ Electric

Our Business Philosophy

• Provide a cost-effective and personalized service to our clients.

• Develop a Win/Win relationship with our client and employees.

• 45-minute call back – communicate status of every order.

• Place the “perfect match” – employee to client.

• Hire individuals who are a cut above the rest.

• Create an atmosphere for growth: personally, professionally and monetarily.

Founded in 2005 in Phoenix, Arizona, OnCall Staffing has over 75 years of combined Staffing Industry experience throughout the United States for manufacturing, skilled trades, production, assembly, light industrial and clerical services. In 2013 they expanded their offices to Flagstaff, Arizona with plans on opening 5 additional offices by 2018.